Peter D'Amato
"The Savage Garden : Cultivating Carnivorous Plants"

Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California, 1998. ISBN 0898159156, paperbound

Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California, 2013. ISBN 978-1607744108, paperbound


in English
336 pp, 225 full color illustrations
384 pp, ??? full color illustrations

From the contents:

after the introduction to carnivorous plants (covering their history in horticulture, why they are carnivorous etc.), the book is divided into three parts - Part I is on the basics of cultivation, covering soils, pottery, photoperiod, grow lights and things like that; Part II reviews where you can grow carnivorous plants, such as greenhouses, terrariums, windowsills, outdoors and so on; Part III reviews all genera of CP and their specific cultivation requirements rather extensively. An appendix covering resources, laws, tissue culture, etc.

A great book for any CPer. Some spelling mistakes, e.g. N. bicalcurata instead of N.bicalcarata, U. reinformis for U. reniformis. Review CPN 27(3), 1998, p.72-3 by Barry Meyers-Rice: "I tell you to run, not walk, to the nearest bookseller and buy D'Amato's new book...".