Stewart McPherson
"Pitcher Plants of the Americas"

The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company, Blacksburg, Virginia, and Granville, Ohio, 2006. ISBN 0939923742 - paperback or ISBN 0939923750 - hardcover

hardcover softcover


in English,
VIII + 320 pp., 202 color photographs, 3 tables, 29 maps, 15 drawings

Acknowledgements, Introduction (10 p.), Carnivorous Plants (8 p.), The american pitcher plants and their evolution (14 p.), Brocchinia (20 p.), Catopsis (12 p.), Darlingtonia (22 p.), Heliamphora (90 p.), Sarracenia (90 p.), Habitat loss and the threat of extinction (22 p.), Cultivation and horticulture (1 p.), Glossary, Appendix: Conversion tables, Bibliography, About the author, Image credits, Index.
An excellent book on American pitcher plants with many unique photographs!

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