Barry Rice
"Growing Carnivorous Plants"

Timber Press, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 2006 (or "The Complete Growers's Guide to Carnivorous Plants", Reader's Digest, Australia or Briza Press, South Africa}, ISBN 0881928070, hardcover


in English,
224 pp., 329 color photos

Contents: History of humans and carnivorous plants, Natural history, Murder methods, Aldrovanda, Byblis, Cephalotus, Darlingtonia, Dionaea, Drosera, Drosophyllum, Genlisea, Heliamphora, Nepenthes, Pinguicula, Sarracenia, Utricularia, Other carnivores and not-so-carnivores, Philosophy of cultivation, Settings for cultivation, Advanced cultivation, Field trips, Conservation, A glossary and bibliography.

An excellent book with also excellent photographs! One of the must-have books in the field of CP's.

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