Hugo Steiner
"Borneo: Its Mountains and Lowlands with their Pitcher Plants. Trekking from 1992 to 2002"

Toihaan Publishing Company, Kota Kinabalu, 2002. ISBN 9834042116, hardcover + color dust jacket.


in English,
VIII + 136 pp., 186 color photos, 3 maps, 6 tables, 3 graphs, 4 line drawings

From the contents: Preface, Introduction, History of Pitcher Plants (18 p.), Approaches to Save the Endangered Pitcher Plants (2 p.), Biology of Pitcher Plants (6 p.), Ecology of Pitcher Plants (2 p.), The Nepenthes Species of Borneo (Geoographical Distribution - 5 p.), Description of Species - 1 p., The Pitcher Plants of Sabah and Sarawak - 73 p., Some Natural Hybrids - 16 p.), Epilogue, References (2 p.), Glossary, Acknowledgements, Index. The books discusses and depicts bornean Nepenthes including its habitats.