Miloslav Studnička
"Masožravé rostliny - objekt badatelů, dobrodruhů a snílků
(Carnivorous Plants - The Subject of Researchers, Adventurers and Dreamers)"

Academia, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006. ISBN 8020014047, hardcover.


in Czech,
336 pp., more than 400 color photos

Unlike almost all other CP books, it is a combination of a scientific treatise and a pleasant fable, supplemented with growing hints.

An excellent book from a well-known author. Review CPN 36(4), 2007, p.114 by Jan Schlauer: "Yes, this one does (once again) have many illustrations but it is the text that makes it really noteworthy. Thus, I really hope an English translation will become available to reach the audience it deserves."