Peter Taylor
"The Genus Utricularia - A Taxonomic Monograph"

Kew Bulletin Additional Series XIV, Royal Botanic Gardens, 1989 (reprinted in 1994). ISBN 0947643729, paperback


in English,
724 pp. (incl. 220 p. of line drawings and 8 halftone plates)

An excellent monograph of bladderworts covering 214 recognized species, morphology and anatomy of the genus, splendid keys, complete bibliography and index... According to the review CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.51-2 by D.E. Schnell "I can recommend this book without reservation, and it should be in the personal library of all serious CP students...", see also CPN 20(1&2), 1991.

All people seriously interested in Utricularia must have this title.