Insectivorous Plant Society (Ed.)
"Sekaino Shokuchu Shokubutsu" (Amazing World of Carnivorous Plants)

Seibundo Shinkosha,Tokyo, 2003. ISBN 4416403054, paperback + color dust jacket.


in Japanese with English translation at the end of the book
159 pp., about 700 color photographs

Nearly 350 species is presented on excellent full-color photographs, many of which were taken in the nature. The book is almost 100% photographs. Except for photo captions, a minimal textual description is given at the outset of each chapter. The book does not offer any horticultural information, it rather focuses on the presentation of as many CPs as possible in their natural habitat.

This is definitely a MUST-HAVE book in your CP book shelf. Review CPN 32(4), 2003, p. 100 by Barry Rice: "This volume is essentially a large album of photographs, showcasing hundreds of images... The great majority of the photographs are extremely high quality."

From the contents: