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The Second Conference of the International Carnivorous Plants Society
May 30 - June 1, 1998, Bonn (Germany)

Videotape VHS - PAL or NTSC
Produced by Ivo Koudela & Nedfilm (Czech Republic), 1999

 Features following lectures (all in English):

          PLUS some shots of plants shown at the 4th International Carnivorous Plants Exhibition, Bonn, 1998

 Available in two formats:

Both versions 200 minutes in total !!!



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VHS-PAL € 14,- surface/air-mail:   € 3,- / 6,-
VHS-NTSC € 24,- surface/air-mail:   € 6,- / 11,-
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 Excerpt from the cover:

"When I asked Jan Schlauer (CPN coeditor) and Frank Gallep (GFP president) about the possibility of recording the 2nd Conference of the ICPS on video, they both told me this would be a good idea. Somehow it happened that I had torecord the major part of this tape with a camera borrowed from my friend! So this recording is purely amateur and I would like to apologize for that.
I also deeply regret I was not able to record at least some shots of the first few lectures due to technical problems. The lectures on Nepenthes held in the afternoon of the last day were not recorded as well because we had to leave the conference early. What is a pity there was nobody willing to do that on my behalf! I sincerely hope you will enjoy at least the recorded parts."

Mgr.Ivo Koudela, Ph.D.
ex-president of DARWINIANA
(Czech and Slovak Carnivorous Plant Society)



Mgr. Ivo Koudela, Ph.D.
Spalova 12
Zdar nad Sazavou
591 01
Czech Republic
e-mail: Ivo.Koudela@seznam.cz