Miloslav Studnička, Jan Franta, Martins Spousta (eds.)
"Masožravé rostliny a jejich bydliště"
"Carnivorous Plants and Their Biotopes"

Botanical Garden Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic, 2010. ISBN 978-80-254-6775-6, softcover.

bilingual - in Czech and English
153 x 225 mm, 184 pages with more then 160 photographs

Carnivorous Plants and Their Biotopes is in principle an exhibition catalogue with the same title as the exhibition itself. The exhibition shows numerous commented large-scale photographs of carnivorous plants in their natural habitats. These photographs were taken by renowned photographers. The catalogue features all - and even more - photographs presented at the exhibition heavily commented by Dr.Studnicka according to the authors' notes. I believe it can be truly considered as a standalone publication which can rival well-known pictorial Japanese publications. The book is fully bilingual, both in Czech and English languages. And if you are curious what some CP photographers look like and what they do then be sure to read the chapter "About the authors".

The publication and exhibition even presents some pictures which were not previously published, e.g. pictures of U.regia or P.lithophytica!

As regards the technical things, the paper as well as the printing itself is of the excellent quality, though I must confess I was able to find a few misspellings. The book has in total 135 color photographs of CPs and their habitats, 31 B&W photographs of the authors plus 2 other photographs. There were printed only 500 copies of the title so I assume they will soon become unavailable.

The alphabetical list of the authors: